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Something amazing is happening in Bakersfield, CA. The once small-town has doubled in its' population over the past twenty years. Now the 9th largest city in California, the growing community is experiencing a cultural shift as it welcomes a more diverse population while still valuing its' rich history, honoring the traditions, institutions and values that have made us who we are. Join our hosts Andrae Gonzales, Rachel Magnus, Jesus Gonzalez & Carla Barrientos as they explore the dynamic people, places and culture of our community.

Mar 21, 2020

In this week's episode, we're joined by David Bynum; corporate counsel and chief operations officer at Bynum Inc., creator and founder of Rush Air Sports and The Blvd, and comedy enthusiast/promotor at Temblor Brewing Company. Join us as we discuss national comedy acts coming to Bakersfield, the "Area 99” entertainment district, and more!